CLOUD + CLAY, the jewellery brand to brighten your day!

Cloud and Clay Interview

From pastel green hoops to pink and blue speckled hair clips to gold plated rings, CLOUD + CLAY has your summer accessory game sorted with their array of handcrafted, polymer clay jewellery.

After coming across this beautiful and delicate brand featured in Elle’s latest article on the top 100 independent fashion brands to support during Covid 19, I was intrigued to dig deeper into how CLOUD + CLAY has personally dealt with the global pandemic.

Lucy Blekinsop, Founder of CLOUD + CLAY has kindly shared her thoughts and advice with Isabella Sophie Style on how independent fashion brands can manage during this difficult time. Let’s get started and I hope you enjoy getting to know CLOUD + CLAY just as much as I’ve done.

1. How many years has Cloud + Clay been around for?

We’re still fairly new to the industry, we’ll be turning one in June!

2. Where did the inspiration come from to start your own jewellery brand? 

Initially I started making earrings as a hobby after dropping out of University, but then following a lot of interest from friends and family, I took the plunge and opened up an Etsy shop. From there my work started to gain it’s own little following, and I became really invested in the idea of creating a my own jewellery brand. 

3. I absolutely adore how all your products are made out of clay, what was the motive behind this choice?

After several shabby attempts, I found that polymer clay was actually really versatile to work with, and once baked it becomes extremely lightweight so it’s perfect for jewellery. 

4. What would you say has been your proudest achievement as a brand so far?

In March we had our first feature in TATLER magazine, which was a huge milestone for the brand, and I still can’t quite get my head around it!

5. Due to the current situation with the UK in lockdown because of Coronavirus, has this impacted Cloud + Clay as an independent brand?

Usually we stock a handful of independent stores over the UK, but with the current situation we’ve had to rely on direct orders through our website or ASOSmarketplace

6. How did you feel when the UK first announced it was going into lock down? What were your initial thoughts?

Initially I was really worried about how it would affect the business, but as time has progressed I’ve had so much support from my followers and others in the creative industry. 

7. Have you relied more on social media channels to generate business? If so, which social media platform works best for Cloud + Clay?

Instagram is our main social channel, and it’s where the majority of our customers find us! I’ve recently found myself making more of an effort to connect with followers though, as I think it’s key during a time like this.

8. Momentarily, what is the best way a customer can support your business throughout this pandemic?

Obviously every order (big or small) helps so much during this time, but even a positive comment or like means just as much.

“Initially I was really worried about how it would affect the business, but as time has progressed I’ve had so much support from my followers and others in the creative industry.”

9. What advice would you be able to give other independent fashion brands during the crisis?

I’d say don’t be so hard on yourself, be patient and always put your health first.

10. Once the Coronavirus hopefully starts to trickle away, have you got any exciting plans or projects for the future? 

YES YES YES! I’ve got so many exciting projects and collabs in the pipeline, but I don’t want to reveal anything just yet!

If you’re looking for individuality, no two pieces are the same from CLOUD + CLAY as Lucy carefully handcrafts each piece to make it unique. Order a gift card to cheer up a family member or even better treat yourself to a lovely pair of earrings by supporting this company. Check out their website here or follow them on Instagram following the handle @cloudandclay.

Images: Courtesy of CLOUD + CLAY

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