Keep Those Date Night Traditions Alive in Lockdown

Date Night

Have you reached a certain level of boredom in lockdown and don’t want to be faced by yet another night on the sofa with your partner watching another Disney classic? Try out these ten stay at home date night ideas to make your lockdown not so tedious.

Being stuck in lockdown with your partner is comforting and knowing that we won’t have this opportunity again until retirement is warming and something that we’ve enjoyed. However, constantly picking up damp towels off beds, switching off the bathroom light and feeling as if you’re washing up a trillion times a day might leave a slightly negative feeling on your lockdown situation as it has on mine.

Now it’s time to switch back on that magic by bringing fun and creative date night ideas for you and your partner to try at home. From recreating your first date night, to decorating mugs to having a couples spa night, here are ten ideas to keep your habitual date nights alive during lockdown.

A Themed Date Night

Themed Date Night

Make your way around the world of cuisine by adding a theme to your date night. Try sipping on sangria, slurping on gambas pil pil and perfecting your air castanets whilst twirling around the kitchen to the Gipsy Kings in a pair of stilettos for a Spanish themed date night.

Take a trip to the virtual theatre

Theatre Picture

Going to the theatre used to be a huge treat for my partner and I, but there is still a way to bring in some culture directly to your homes. A large number of UK theatres are streaming productions that you can watch from your living room, either for free or for a small price. I certainly know that Fleabag by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, shown by the SoHo Theatre is at the top of my list, however I’m not sure it will at the top of boyfriends’…

Recreate your first date night

It’s time to take a trip down memory lane and take a step back to the first date that made you fall in love. Throw on the same outfit, dine on the same food, put on the same film, whatever your first date might have been, it’s time to sit down together and reminisce on how far you’ve come as a couple.

Indulge in a spa night

Chop up some cucumbers, slather on a clay face mask, turn up some relaxing tunes, light a mountain of candles and most important of all get out the massage oil for an evening of pampering and relaxation. Grab a bottle of bubbly for you and your partner to share whilst putting your feet up and relaxing!

Have an indoor picnic

As we’re stuck in lockdown, aren’t we all dreaming about the days lying in the park watching the clouds float by? Hosting an indoor picnic can allow for the dream to become a reality. Indulge in your favourite finger food from sausage rolls, to scotch eggs and of course you can’t forget a cucumber sandwich (controversial, I know!). Finish off with chocolate covered strawberries and again a glass of fizz to wash it all away.

Host a game night

There are only so many rounds of 21 or Gin Rummy that can be played between my boyfriend and I until the cheating commences. Why not, invest in a board game to play for the evening whilst indulging in a number of snacks alongside the board.

To make things a little more interesting, the person who wins the game can decide a forfeit for the other play to undergo… it’s a lot of fun, trust me!

Forget a bar crawl, it’s all about a dinner crawl

Unlike most of us, have you ever visited a different restaurant for your starter, main and desert? If so, why not create a three course meal and take each course to a different part of the house. Make sure to create a different ambience for each setting to really make the most out of each meal.

Decorate a mug

Get your creative juices flowing with this date night. Invest in a mug decorating kit and transform those back of the drawer plain white mugs into a memorable piece of homeware whilst sipping your tea in a few months to come.

It’s time to see who has the best arty flare between you and your partner. Select a theme and see who does that best.

Create a film club

Throw up some fairy lights, buy your favourite cinema snacks and if you’re feeling extra adventurous invest in a projector to create your stay at home cinema. Take it in turns each week to choose a film which then has to be officially review afterwards. This is a great way to make it through all the film you promised to watch with your partner.

Have a great date night bake off

Ready, set, bake… enjoy an evening creating your favourite sweet treat and then judging each others creations out of ten. If you’re looking for something a little more hardcore, why not try and follow along one of The Great British Bake Off challenges and see who copes the best under pressure.

I hope this has enlightened your date night plans for the next coming weeks during lockdown. I know that my partner and I are going to have some fun trying out these date night ideas, hopefully it will be theatre night on Friday (fingers crossed).

Images: Courtesy of Pexels

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