Chapter 4: A Chapped-Free Hand to Coronavirus

Wash Hands

Whilst the coronavirus continues to spread globally, people are understandably being urged to wash their hands regularly to prevent the disease from spreading with this simple measure. However, frequently reaching for that Carex Antibacterial Handwash or smothering your hands in antibacterial sanitiser can have an adverse effect on your hands, leaving them feeling cracked and sore, which has certainly been the case for me. By no means am I a qualified dermatologist but here are a few products and steps that have helped me with my cracked and abused hands. 

1. Use a micro-microbial hand wash

Growing up in a household where family member at some point has suffered from eczema, I understand the importance of using a moisturising cleanser to wash your body and hands. Perfumed hand soaps or shower gels leave the skin dry and irritated. However, if you use a moisturising cleanser such as Dermal 500 to wash your hands with it will help soften and hydrate your skin, especially if you suffer with eczema. This product is also anti-microbial meaning that microorganisms are killed on the skin whilst washing. 

2. Invest in a fragrance-free hand cream

I never truly understood the importance of hand creams until my hands recently started to cry out in pain. It’s essential that after washing your hands multiple times throughout the day to dry your hands completely and then apply a generous layer of fragrance-free hand cream to help your hands feel nourished and soothed. A hand cream that has transformed my dry hands at the moment is the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Hand Cream as it really helps to lock in the moisture whilst not irritating my hands. 

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3. Gloves are a must

Where possible try to wear gloves whilst washing up or whilst using cleaning products. The chemicals in household cleaning products can cause serious damage to the skin due to the chemicals, that not only flare up your eczema but also can age the look of your hands. 

Personally, I have never tried this method for relieving dry hands but a few of my friends have recommended wearing cotton gloves after applying a layer on hand cream to bed as it can help lock in the moisture and start to repair the skin. The gloves act as a protective barrier locking in all the hand cream applied, making sure it has been absorbed fully into the skin.

4. Make sure to dry your hands thoroughly

It’s vital to remember that after regularly washing your hands to dry them properly. According to Dr Adam Friedmann, a consultant dermatologist and clinical lead by not drying your hands properly the water has a drying effect on your hands and strips the skin of natural oils as it evaporates. 

As mentioned previously, I’m certianly not a skin care expert or qualified dermatologist but I hope the four simple steps provided in this blog help you as much as they have helped me over the past few weeks throughout lockdown. 

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