Chapter 1: Spring on a Jacket

Spring on a Jacket

The daffodils are swaying, the blossom trees are blooming, and the birds merrily singing, Spring is awakening and so is my wardrobe. From puffed faux leather sleeves to oversized lapels to vintage Brick Lane buys, here is my Spring jacket style guide to show you the three jackets that I can’t stop reaching for.

Jacket 1: The Bottle Green Bomber

Cropped Faux Leather Jacket, £49.99 | Zara

Invest in this bottle green, puffed sleeved faux leather jacket into your wardrobe this Spring for an added edge to any outfit still with a feminine twist. This cropped, collared jacket is the perfect way to start adding a touch of colour to your wardrobe whilst trickling out that black winter safety blanket. Partner with a pair of checked trousers ideally with a green element running through the design to complement the look whilst wearing a cream bodysuit underneath, just like me. Alternatively, if you are looking for a fresh look wear this jacket with a pair of cream bootleg jeans, a crisp blouse and a chunky pair of boots.

Jacket 2: The Oversized Blazer

Check Blazer, £59.99 | Zara

An oversized blazer with a lapel collar is a piece of clothing that I just can’t stop reaching for this Spring. Perfect for just about any occasion, whether this is for an interview, a night out with your friends or even to be worn over a plain hoody, it’s just so versatile. My favourite look for this blazer momentarily is to wear it with a white oversized hoody (obviously one I have stolen from my boyfriend), a pair of slim fitting mom jeans from Zara and of course my cherry red Dr Marten platform boots which I’m not quite ready to put away just yet for another winter.

Jacket 3: The Box Jacket

The Box Jacket, £35 | Moncler

One of a kind, this cropped lightweight Moncler jacket was snapped up by myself from the infamous Brick Lane vintage market one miserable Sunday afternoon. After indulging in some scrummy street food and sifting through large amounts of vintage stores, I tried on a jacket that I just couldn’t walk away from. The cream trim and silver button detailing adds an elegant touch to the jacket allowing you to pair it with multiple colours… it even works well with a pair of leather joggings bottoms, which I have worn with it in this look. Unfortunately, as this jacket is vintage I can’t source the exact one, but I have linked a similar jacket that will also do the job.

Jacket 4: My Wishlist Item

This jacket was just made for Spring. The cream, orange and floral print with embroidered collars to me emits a sense of a new beginning as we leave the long dark nights behind us. Having kept a close eye on this jacket for Spring I might have to bite the bullet and invest in it, so I can finally style it with a pair of cream straight legged jeans, a dark green cami and a pair of high-top converses to really accentuate that casual vibe.

Shop Here.

Images: Isabella Hambley

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