Mille Saisons Luxurious Silk Style

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Don’t we all aspire to incorporate a touch of elegance and luxury to our daily lives? Ladies, it’s time to say goodbye to your plastic, static and hair ripping accessories and give your accessories the upgrade they deserve with Mille Saisons.

Founded by Jo Norton, the British brand welcomes the luxury of silk to its consumers with handmade accessories using the finest Grade A mulberry silk. From silk scrunchies, hair bows, eye masks and even make up removing pads (the list continues), Mille Saisons allows you to feel luxurious from the vicinity of your own home.

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf by treating your friends, family or even yourself to one of the elegant feminine accessories. It’s time to find out a little more about Mille Saisons, let’s take it away Isabella Sophie Style…

1. How many years has Mille Saisons been around for?

Over 3 years now but it has evolved a bit.

2. Where did the inspiration come from to start a silk accessories brand?

I actually started with clothing but I had a really bad experience with my first manufacturer in the UK alongside the difficulty of selling a new mid-end brand with no customer base so I decided to use my remaining fabric to try accessories instead. I’ve always loved hair accessories (I have thick hair so love using ribbons and ties to keep it out of my face when I’m working) so scrunchies and hair bows seemed a natural place to start. From there I’ve made a lot of the expected silk products but hopefully some more innovative ones too like reusable silk face pads and a 3 in 1 hair bow. I love beautiful, simple but well thought through design.

3. I absolutely adore how all your products are made out of silk, what was the motive behind this choice?

I loved using silk at uni when I could afford it! Then I interned at a beautiful independent brand Marina London which just focused on making modern but classic silk clothes which solidified my love of silk. There is just something unbeatable about the tactile smoothness of silk, not to mention the benefits for your skin and hair.

4. What would you say has been your proudest achievement as a brand so far?

Sometimes I think just having continued growth! And getting press while doing my own pr feels like a win each time. But the first time someone wore one of my products for their wedding – that felt pretty special. 

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You might remember me saying I’d helped create a scrunchie making pack for @princestrust Great Create with @fearnecotton . Obviously any craft parties can’t take place as planned at the moment but instead I’m going to bring you an online scrunchie making workshop next week! . If you are in the UK I am also sending free scrunchie making kits out with the randomly selected fabric, elastic, needle and thread needed. Donations to the Prince’s Trust instead would be amazing 🥰 . You can also buy a low cost silk scrunchie making pack and choose your colour too 😊 . Just follow the product links or link in my bio to fill in a form for your free kit! . Maybe now is an even better time to set aside an evening to focus on craft and hand sewing and relax your mind a bit I hope. . Image description – Fearne Cotton is wearing a pink ruffled shirt and holding three satin scrunchies . #TheGreatCreate #thehappyplace #makersmovement #fearnecotton #craftsposure #wearethemakers #scrunchielife #collectivelycreate #sewistsofinstagram #createandcultivate #calledtobecreative #creativeliving #creativeprocess #wearethemakers #craftparty #waketomake #freestylecreativeliving #createeveryday #thehandmadeparade #livecreatively #modernmaker #craftedcollective #handsandhustle #makersofinstagram #scrunchies #princestrust #prettycreativelifestyle #scrunchiesareback #myeverydaymagic

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5. Due to the current situation with the UK in lockdown because of coronavirus, has this impacted Mille Saisons as an independent brand?

Weirdly I’ve been getting busier which I did not expect! It seems more people are shopping online and looking for treats to buy for themselves and to send to friends.

6. How did you feel when the UK first announced it was going into lockdown? What were your initial thoughts?

I was really relieved. I’d stopped going out unnecessarily for the week before as I didn’t want to contribute to the spread of the virus and knew staying in would be better and protect the rest of the population.

“There is just something unbeatable about the tactile smoothness of silk, not to mention the benefits for your skin and hair.”

7. Have you relied more on social media channels to generate business? If so, which social media platform works best for Mille Saisons?

I already used Instagram a lot but during the last month engagement has increased. As a product business, the visual side of Instagram is really important and I find creating a recognisable brand image best there. 

8. Momentarily, what is the best way a customer can support your business throughout the pandemic?

Just continuing to buy from small businesses – each order is appreciated now more than ever.

9. What advice would you be able to give other independent fashion brands during the crisis?

Be ready to adapt and change quickly! As I thought I’d be quieter, I decided to use my time to create free scrunchie making packs from cotton leftover from my personal sewing projects to help distract people with something creative. These were far more popular than I expected so I added a silk scrunchie making pack to my shop. I think keeping your tone online relevant to your brand but not being dismissive about the struggles your audience may be facing is important at the moment too.

10. Once the coronavirus hopefully starts to trickle away, have you got any plans or exciting projects for the future?

I have already started working on new samples and added more to my list as I had assumed I’d have a bit more time during lockdown…! So there are quite a lot of new things coming in the next few months including another collaboration with embroiderer Kate Gwilliam which I am already in love with. 

Now that you’ve spent the time getting to know this beautiful brand and falling in love just like I have, make sure to support Mille Saisons by following their account on Instagram using the handle @millesaisons. I can’t wait to have my locks wrapped in a long, silk bow.

Images: Courtesy of Mille Saisons

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